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Energy is a finite resource that requires conservation. The majority of the energy we use is derived from fossil fuels that are incredibly labor and resource intensive to extract, process and utilize worldwide. 

PIZZERIA MOZZA Newport Beach reduces energy dependancy by:

  1. 1

    Low-flow faucet aerators in the hand washing sinks

  2. 2

    Air curtain between the outside and the main entrance

  3. 3

    Energy star convention oven,ice machine,refrigerator and dishwashers


  4. 4

    Programmable thermostat


  5. 5

    Energy efficient hand dryers and occupancy sensors in the restrooms


  6. 6

    Reflective nonroof impervious surface



  7. 7

    Strip curtains on walk-in refrigerators

  8. 8

    Insulated boiler and pipes

  9. 9

    70% renewable energy sources